Shipping will resume in middle March, thanks for the love over the years.
Shipping will resume in middle March, thanks for the love over the years.
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Newsletter: Now open at 11 for your visit


Here we go!

Hope Cyclery will be welcoming April by reinstating our 3-season operating hours. Which means we will be opening at 11am instead of noon starting on Friday April 1st. We will also be welcoming April by spending our Saturday mornings helping our friend Mike Cook upkeep the local trails on the Inclined Plane.

For those unfamiliar, the Inclined Plane is a funicular which rises up 800 feet out of downtown Johnstown to the borough of Westmont above.

Since 2017 we have been ecstatic to help in the development of a network of mountain bike trails on the hillside so folks can take the lift up with their bikes and then get rowdy on the descent. Rinse/repeat. Unfortunately the lift is closed for major repairs this year but is scheduled to reopen spring of 2023. In the meantime Mike, who has been instrumental in getting the whole project going, wants to further develop and fix up existing trails so they will all be ready to go when the lift is ready to reopen. 8-10am Saturday mornings. For more info on the project and for updates on where to park/what sections will be worked on you can visit Friends of the Inclined Plane Trails on facebook. Oh yeah, this is an invite to anyone who wants to help!

Bike Maintenance Class 4/13

We had a great turnout last month for our basic maintenance class (thanks to all of you!) so we are going to do another one Wednesday April 13th. It will be similar to the last one, covering how to fix a flat and standard upkeep of your machine, so if you made it out last month you probably don’t need to come to this one. But if you were not able to come last month here’s another chance!

It will start at 6:30pm and last about 1.5 hours. We are capping attendance again so please RSVP here.


Local bike shop is a wise option for e-bikes too

We’ve been selling quite a few Aventon e-bikes lately and as e-bikes go we are pretty pleased with them. We are a dealer so we can diagnose and service them and they also hit a price point that many folks don’t flinch at. After many years of decrying the direct to consumer platform of e-bike sales which can leave a customer with a crapped out motor after two months and nowhere to turn to for help except some massive overseas conglomerate which may or may not return emails, people seem to be realizing that maybe a local bike shop is the best place to get one. And maybe spending a little extra money for a bike that has a warranty through said local bike shop is best. Or maybe it’s the gas prices nowadays, I don’t know.

Regardless, our webstore now has an option for getting an Aventon.


Bikes of olde

If you’re still sitting on an olde bike that you are wishing to get tuned up and ready to ride, sit on it NO LONGER!

Bring it down here–we love fixing up machines of yore and getting them cruising again. New handlebars and tyres on an olde mountain bike with maybe a rigid fork thrown on for good measure…that stuff just makes our day. Here’s a recent example of what we like to call a “Schwivendell”.

What’s a Schwivendell? Well it’s basically a rigid 80’s or 90’s Schwinn that has a decent paint job and the ability to pass a cantaloupe between the rear tyre and the seat tube unscathed. Unparalleled at cruising the streets and dirt roads with the same amount of ease. Moxie incarnate, even. But it doesn’t have to be a Schwinn to achieve such elegance. Old Cannondales, Treks, Mongeese, Motivs, just about any decent mountain bike from a certain era can be reborn into a luxury Town and Country Stromboli ripper and we are here to do it!


A special for a special knife

Here’s a new one for us that we are going to try starting right now: Who wants to pre-order a Benchmade knife for 10% off MSRP?

The catch is that it will only be available for in-store pickup ONLY. We will not ship you a knife. We’re not there yet. And California? You’ll never be there. Sorry. Details here.

If you’ve been to our shop you can see that we sell Benchmade and that we love them. Whatever we have in stock in the shop starting in April will also be 10% off. Again, in-store pickup only.

Friday Chiller Rides have been a success!

Thanks to everyone who has been showing up and you can expect them to continue all month long.

We may send some small updates out this month regarding some small events that we may be planning. Small events like CAMPING! We’re shooting for April 30th to host an overnighter. Hopefully no surprise blizzard with 6-8 inches of snow and 35 mph gusts will be on the schedule that day.

Stay tuned!

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