Shipping will resume in middle March, thanks for the love over the years.
Shipping will resume in middle March, thanks for the love over the years.
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From casual shop rides to our signature event Higher Ground, we enjoy being with other people on bikes. We aim to host a variety of rides for varying skill levels that get people outside in and around Johnstown. You can look forward to campouts, evening rides around the city, long dirt roads and more.

The kind of things we do in alphabetical order….



Bike Camp Every Month

Each Month join us for an overnighter, dates TBD and will be posted to our Instagram, and email newsletter. 


Swift Campout

June 25th-26th
A summer solstice campout by bicycle. Ride out from our shop to an excellent campsite, riding along the Laurel Ridge that borders Johnstown.

Additional dates to come!


Chilleur Rides

Most Fridays Spring - Fall
Dates TBD

Chilleur Rides are approximately ~10 miles and include mixed surfaces such as pavement, rail trails, and gravel. This is a NO DROP ride, meaning no one will be left behind–there is a ride leader as well as a caboose.

As with all of our rides, we encourage a judgment-free environment where people can show up as they are. It’s not about the gear you have or don’t have, or how fast or slow you may be. Chilleur Rides are a time to socialize on bikes and get comfortable on your bicycle.

Front and rear lights required. Don’t have any? Let us know–you can borrow some for the ride. Helmets are also required.

Educational Workshops

Basic Bike Maintenance

Future Dates TBD


For Our Community


A food drive by bike. A group ride that is also a bit of a competition: who can carry the most? Collectively we have donated over 500lbs of food to a local pantry annually.

Trail Clean Ups

Collect litter by bike to keep our trails and nearby waterways clean.


Glupia Mala


Glupia Mala. Roughly translated from Polish it is “Stupid Little” as in “Stupid Little Ride”. Glupia Mala Ride. And the L’s are pronounced like W’s. A direct and shameless rip off of the Big Stupid Ride that has been going down in Pittsburgh lately, this IS a ride for everyone. Even though it will certainly be muddy, no-one will be left behind. Expect 13-15 miles with maybe 900 feet in elevation. We will take all day.

Bring lights, a jacket, and a positive attitude. MTB is encouraged, but not required. Wearing sturdy shoes like boots is recommended.

Higher Ground

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Registration is Open

A non-UCI semi competitive cycling event, where the race is you against yourself. Whether your goal is 10 miles or 100 miles, we’ve created routes for your personal challenge. We believe that the outdoors will save Johnstown, and wanted to host a cycling event to bring more people to town and support our local businesses and community organizations.

All routes start and end at Hope Cyclery. You ascend out of the city and are on dirt in under 3 miles. From there all of the routes are a mix of pavement, dirt roads, and ripping gravel descents.

Route Options:

30 miles/ 2000ft climbing, ~50% Gravel
50 miles/ 4000ft climbing, ~45% Mixed/Gravel
69 miles/ 7800ft climbing, ~45% Mixed/Gravel
100 miles/ 10000ft climbing, ~45% Gravel

Register Here