Shipping will resume in middle March, thanks for the love over the years.
Shipping will resume in middle March, thanks for the love over the years.
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Critical Mass In May!
May comes on strong feeling like bike season. Maybe Bike Month is the reason! We recently had a Friday Chilleur ride that saw 22 folks riding with us. That's an astounding turnout for this area and we are so happy to have helped facilitate it but we want MORE!
The last Friday of this month (Bike Month), the 27th of May, we are hoping to have double that amount for a nice chill cruise through the city and ending at our shop with pizza provided. Bikes and pizza go together fabulously and if you don't know that by now you will find out soon enough! So if you are local or even close to local and have been curious about our Friday Chilleur rides, mark your calendarz: May 27th 6:30 pm leave from Hope Cylery. Bring a helmet, lights and a positive attitude.
Tune It Up!
We have been getting busier around here, which is great, but we are still able to manage a 24-48 hour turnaround on most repairs. So if your bike needs some fixin' get it down here soonishly because we are sure to not be able to guarantee such a timeline in the near future.
If you are in the market for a new bike come check us out. We recently received two Kona Dew-E bikes size med and small and once they are gone that is it for that particular model for the foreseeable future.
Not a Normal Bike Shop!
Yeh, we're a bicycle shop for sure, but we also like to do a lot of things outside that realm like stock camping supplies, and now even FILM! Yes that analog medium for anyone looking to add a little grain to your life, we even can take your old film and send it out for development for just $12 a roll.
Squishy Stuff
If you are looking for a full suspension set up to complete your shreddy lifestyle, come on down and take a look at some other new arrivals in the shop. We have a large Salsa Horsethief and two Kona Process 134 29erzz. Perfect for the rocky, ruddy, muddy trails that lie just out our backdoors here.
Gearing Up For Swift Campout
Getting back to calendars and where to mark what upon them, June 25th is the 8th annual Swift Campout and it will be the 4th campout that Hope Cyclery has participated in. We have plans for a ride out to a rad campground nestled in our local Laurel Highlands. 50 miles each way, decent amount of climbing with some chunky sections of Olde Pennsylvania dirt road decadence. If you are interested in joining us please smash this RSVP button so that we know how many kebobs to bring.
We also have Swift Industries latest collection of coral-colored bags and accoutrements in stock. As always they are hot, hot, hawt! Need a sweet bag to carry a hot stromboli in?
Higher Ground Hundo registration is up. Mid-October will be here quickly and we are planning some excellent routes to let you experience the wonders of our local region.
That is all for now... Enjoy Bike Month!


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