taking a long pause see ya next year
taking a long pause see ya next year
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Newsletter: March will bring good days


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We’ll be sending out some news about our shop and the events we do and the bikes we build and the stuff we sell and the stuff we like. No set intervals at this time. Just random drops at random times throughout the year.

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Newsletter #2:

Welcome back, everyone! Or, thanks for having us again, all you wonderful people!

Let’s get right to it: This winter has had its icy crispy fingers tightly grasped around our necks for the last couple of months and, I’m not gonna lie, it has created a moody, broody not so groovy atmosphere that we have been fighting back against in order to just remain sane. But I guess that’s just winter for you. And the world as we know it. Now we are ready for March. Still some winter left, indeed, but the coming of March is in itself a signifier of what the days ahead of us hold. Soon we will be out riding in short shorts, smelling flowers and searching our armpits for ticks. Brighter days.

Our Plans for March

Additional event details will be released on our blog and Instagram in the coming days and weeks.

Saturday March 12th
Missing Mid South?

Jarrod will be attending The Mid South in Oklahoma and while he will be there crying tears (of joy?) David has decided to throw a small time gravelly, muddy little number that we are calling “Missing Mid-South?”. The question is put forth to you, dear people. If you can’t get out west and feel like you are missing out then perhaps you might like to join us on a 30-35 mile 2500 ft sludge around Johnstown. It won’t be a race. More of a group ride. But it also may not be for everyone. There will be some tough sections like some single track stuff that, on even non-muddy days, is difficult. And early March is going to be very muddy.

Wednesday March 16th
Bike Maintenance Basics Class

We will host a basic maintenance class down at the shop after we close. It will cover how to change a tube and how to properly clean and oil up your bike to keep it running efficiently. Anyone is welcome to attend. Please sign up HERE TO RSVP!

Sunday March 20th
Glupia Mala

Glupia Mala. Roughly translated from Polish it is “Stupid Little” as in “Stupid Little Ride”. Glupia Mala Ride. And the L’s are pronounced like W’s. A direct and shameless rip off of the Big Stupid Ride that has been going down in Pittsburgh lately, this IS a ride for everyone. Even though it will certainly be muddy, no-one will be left behind. Expect 13-15 miles with maybe 900 feet in elevation. We will take all day. Bring lights and a jacket.

Saturday March 26th to Sunday March 27th
Bike Campout in the Woods

Some kind of bike campout in the woods will be happening somewhere around here, we promise. We just don’t know where yet but we can figure it out. Trust us.

Stay tuned.

Chilleur Rides Resuming Soon

ALSO expect us to resume our Friday night chiller rides. Every Friday after we close down we will venture out about town. Expect the rides to be chill. Very Chill.

With all these events you can expect more info on our IG page and our March Events blog post as the day approaches. And you can always reach out to us if you have any questions at all.

Service Before Spring

We still have time before the mad rush of springtime traffic to get your bike all overhauled and pretty so you can be out riding in the mud while everyone else is waiting for their 12 speed chain to arrive. Oh wait, we have a bunch of 12 speed chains. No matter, the point is if you need service on your bike: bring it down. Turnaround time is quick at the moment but it may not be in the next few weeks. And we will overhaul anything! Check out this 70 year old beauty that we recently serviced…

In Stock

Need an affordable mountain bike? We have a few Salsa Rangefinders in stock. How about an entry level gravel bike? The Kona Rove AL is here for you. Kona Honzo, Surly Cross Check and All City Gorilla Monsoon frame sets are in stock patiently waiting for your inspired, whimsical touches to complete them and become one with them. Remember: YOU are the final component needed and YOU are ALWAYS in stock.

Hey, we have a new website as well!

That’s newsworthy. And with it, we also have a new option to place an order from one of our favorite suppliers and have it shipped to you with a little bit of savings on the shipping. Who is that supplier? Why, Blue Lug of course! So yeah, go to our new website and check it out. And stop by the shop or come to one of our shindigs. We’d love to see you.

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