taking a long pause see ya next year
taking a long pause see ya next year
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Simworks X Golden Pliers Ramble Bar
Simworks X Golden Pliers Ramble Bar

Simworks X Golden Pliers Ramble Bar

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The all-new Ramble Bar was developed through the teamwork of Golden Pliers and SimWorks. We wanted a handlebar that could accommodate a large front bag and at the same time be aggressive and comfortable with a large sweep angle. This beauty of a bar was inspired while digging through the handlebar graveyard / parts bin for new ideas- scheming on something that would be simultaneously shreddy and comfy. After years of fooling around in the woods, tweaking here and there, it's finally time to release the Ramble Bar as the ultimate turbo cruiser bar.

In order to make the most of the hook bend in front of the primary grip, we recommend using a brake lever and shifter with low-profile / minimal clamp area. Furthermore, don't shy away from wrapping bar tape around that hook. Comfort abounds while climbing out of the saddle...


A 70-90mm stem will work great with this bar. That considerable sweep won't necessarily play nice with some modern geo's built around longer TTs paired with shorty stems.


In addition to the positive rise position, if you install it in the negative drop orientation, you can bang around and placate your Mondo Aggro alter ego-

Material: Heat Treated Aluminum
Clamp diameter: 31.8mm
Bar diameter: 22.2mm
Width: 710mm (center - center at ends)
Back Sweep: 65 deg.
Depth: 154mm
Rise/Drop: 30mm
Grip/Control Zone: 160mm
-not bar end shifter compatible, sorry fam-
Weight: 460g
Color: Silver, Black
* Designed by Kevin Purcell (Golden Pliers, Portland OR)
* Made by Nitto Japan, the World’s authority on handlebar beauty and safety