taking a long pause see ya next year
taking a long pause see ya next year
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Leker Leks X Hope Cyclery Albacore Handlebar
Leker Leks X Hope Cyclery Albacore Handlebar

Leker Leks X Hope Cyclery Albacore Handlebar

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The Albacore🐟Bar
785mm wide
37mm forward sweep
25mm rise
50° backsweep
150 mm grip/controls area
110mm clamp area
Sweeps, shreds, chills. 😎

Leker Leks Handlebars are handmade in Philadelphia using only the finest ingredients. I hand bend each and every bar out of locally sourced and seasonal 4130 Chromoly and 304 Stainless steel alloys.  My chromoly bars are then sous vide to perfection in a phosphate conversion bath to achieve a deep charcoal coloring and to enhance corrosion resistance.  A family recipe of oils and waxes are then applied, inside and out, to further resist the inevitable oxidation.  As Neil says, “Rust never sleeps.”  That said, surface rust will appear eventually, but will not degrade the handlebars for years.  If the natural beauty of iron oxide is not your thing an additional coating of lacquer is advised.  Leker Leks handlebars have a natural clamp diameter of 7/8” 22.2mm.  They crave the comfort and strength of a BMX stem,  if you wish to use your favorite filet brazed Nitto face plate quill stem in the modern 31.8mm variety you will need to purchase a shim. We have made available Problem Solvers shims but others can be found from Doom bars and Ti Cycles.  https://hopecyclery.com/products/problem-solvers-22-2-31-8-handlebar-shim?_pos=1&_sid=b1f5f1964&_ss=r

Please speak to your local handlebar enthusiast for advice when choosing a Leker Leks handlebar.

Leker Leks is not for everyone.  You are special.  You reject conformity. You don’t mind a little rust.  Do you?

*You choose to ride Leker Leks at your own risk.  Please enjoy them safely.  


For my first ever collaboration I have teamed up with Hope Cyclery of Johnstown, just a short 24 hour ride away from Philadelphia on the other side of this big and questionable commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Our offering today is a wide and flexible swept back bar we are dubbing the Albacore, named for the large tuna subspecies you may be familiar with from your local grocery shelves.  This bar, like the fish, is long and lean, to provide a supple ride feel and aid in shock absorption on your next gravel or urban pothole adventure. Because the Albacore is so large, wide, big, enormous, beautiful, enigmatic, whatever you may call it it, has room for all of your favorite handlebar bags, bells, and whistles.  

If you like swept back bars and the upright riding position they offer along with the multiple hand positions and that classic look, but find commercially available offerings just too small or reasonable, look no further.  The Albacore is the bar you’ve been waiting for. 


Produced in small batches in Philly, by Leks